Why Splitting Ticket is Important for Moviegoers? — a UX Case Study.

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I feel equipped with my background research, now I can start working on the design. In this design process I used Sketch.

The colour composition of this app will be white and red.

Why red? because it can have meaning: excitement, which it reflects how we feel when we are waiting for the movies.

Why white? because It looks clean and I want user to feel the simplicity and minimalism when they use the app.

I should only design the splitting part, but I add some screen for other features also:


Homepage screen

Homepage screen design in details:

In this homepage there will be several information and action that user could do.


  1. In Theaters Now. User can see what movies that now showing at the theaters.
  2. Coming Soon. User will be informed what movies that will be released soon.
  3. Trailers. User can see what the latest trailer that has been released by production house/entertainment company.

And other information that exist are user location and notifications. The location will automatically update based on the GPS device if user give permission to the app. Next, notifications will contains promo information etc.

In this homepage screen there will be 4 buttons on the menu: Movies, Theaters, Chat, Ticket.


  1. Movies. This is where user will be informed what movies that are now showing, coming soon, and trailers upcoming movies.
  2. Theaters. This is where user will get the information about movie theaters.
  3. Chat. Because watching movie at theatre I considered as a collective activity why we are not add chat room for the user, it can be used to discuss a movie, appointment, and splitting their tickets.
  4. Ticket. This is where user can see their purchased tickets whether it is upcoming tickets or history.


Booking screen

Booking screen design in details:

In this booking screen user can watch the trailer by clicking the header. There will be details about the movie underneath the header which contains rating, genre, duration, rate category, synopsis, director, and even cast.

The available schedule will be the white box and the unavailable scheduled will be the grey box (disabled). The chosen scheduled will be the red box. After user select the schedule there will be floating button at the bottom contains the selected movie and selected theater. User have to tap the button to continue to the next step — select seat.


Checkout screen

Checkout screen design in details:

Like the usual checkout form, this checkout will contains information of the items that user will buy and needed to pay.

Splitting the ticket

There are 2 ways for user to split their ticket. First, user can send it from their chat room like picture below:

Splitting ticket from the chat room

Second, user can split their ticket from the Ticket section like picture below:

Splitting ticket from the Ticket section

The explanation of splitting ticket feature:

This is the feature that can be used as the answer all of the problems that have been mentioned earlier.

This ‘split’ feature hopefully can fulfilled the user needs of no more missed a movie because of an external factor and worries free when watch movies as company.

In this app user can split their ticket into two ways:

  1. From the chat room. User can send their friends’ ticket just like they sharing image or anything else on the messaging chat they used daily. Just tap the “+” button and the ‘Send Ticket’ will appears, then choose the ticket that they want to send. And that’s all of it. The ticket seamlessly split and sent to their friends.
  2. From the Ticket section. User just picked their ticket and in the ‘Ticket Details’ section all they need is to swipe right send the ticket, then choose the recipient. Finished. Eventually, problem solved!

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