What is GOMS? How could it help you to increase usability in the system.

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GOMS is a model of human performance and it can be used to improve human-computer interaction efficiency by eliminating useless or unnecessary interactions.

GOMS is an abbreviation from:
G → Goals
O → Operators
M → Methods
S → Selection

We can distinguish a few types of GOMS e.g. CPM-GOM, NGOMSL, or
SCMN-GOMS), but the most popular is KLM-GOMS (Keystroke Level Model) where we can empirically check values for operators like button presses, clicks, pointer movement time, etc.

For the detailed description, we define:

  • Goals (G) as a task to do e.g. “Send e-mail”
  • Operators (O) as all actions needed to achieve the goal e.g. “amount of mouse clicks to send e-mail”
  • Methods (M) as a group of operators e.g. “move mouse to send button, click on the button”
  • Selection (S) as a user decision approach e.g. “move mouse to send button, click on the button” or “move mouse to send button, click ENTER”

GOMS is based on the research phase with end-users and it could be as a strong analysis benchmark of user’s behaviours. It help eliminate developing unnecessary actions, so it’s time and cost-saving.

GOMS Template

GOMS template by Kate Dam (free to use)

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