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COSMOX — Define space tourism to the outer space in 2069.

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Timeline | 3 weeks

Target Device | Responsive Desktop and Mobile Version

Role | UI/UX Designer

Project Goals | Build an engaging and impactful brand campaign that promotes Space Travel

Deliverables |

  • Design a website & responsive mobile
  • Creative visual directions: create 2 art directions and pursue only one of them (mood board, color palette, typography, logo/branding)
  • Style tile and Brand Style Guideline
  • marketing agency campaign: social media and display ads
  • Visual brand identity: banners/billboards

The Tools | Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop and Invision

Human space exploration helps to address fundamental questions about our place in the Universe and the history of our solar system. Through addressing the challenges related to human space exploration, we expand technology, create new industries, and help to foster a peaceful connection with other nations.

— NASA ‘Why we explore’

Being a fan of sci-fi for decades, space travel has a special place in my heart. I can never forget my first dream was to be an astronaut as many other kids around the world. Maybe because few people can achieve the goal of being an astronaut and maybe also the shining stars are too far away from us so it makes them look so mysterious.

As a traveler who stepped on the soil of 40+ countries, I am always passionate about exploring new things. I have a feeling that after all the exploration on earth, human beings will consider more about space travel and it won’t only be the rich’s playground.

As NASA quoted, this human exploration is not traveling to the cosmos but the development of technology, industry, and connection internationally. The ideal is so grandiose that I would like to be part of it. This project is a starting point to combine my love of design to the unknown of exploration. Thus, please allow me to present to you my company COSMOX.

Who | COSMOX is a Space Travel Consulting Company set in 2066 that helps connect curious minds around the world to explore infinity. As humans together, we make the impossible possible.

Where | Where few people set foot on… Outer Space

What | COSMOX helps you search and connect resources, albeit companies, scholars or individuals you need to realize space travel dream.

How |By signing up our newsletter, you will receive our up-to-date information and offer all you need to know and prepare for the most exciting trip ever in life! Once you join for our infinity membership program. COSMOX will run a personalized test to help you search space travel preferences.

I. Search — COSMOX has an abundance of up-to-date information to help you find the traveling destinations, spaceship manufacturers, scholars, and individuals that you would like to know.

A complete recommended list of locations, traveling packages, spaceship providers, and consultants will be at your hand.

II. Connect — Second, we help you set up a meeting or events to connect whoever/whatever you would like to know in an easier way.

III. Go — We assist you to negotiate with the service providers to get the best deal and prepare the information you need for the space trip.

When| Online Registration starts from January 2069, we will run physical and mental tests for the selected participants and we will choose the final 6 participants to join our infinity program.

The scheduled departure time: July 2069. Duration: 3–6 months

Scared of space sick? No worries. It will feel like your first cruise experience, but only in the cosmos.

Who will use the services? SPACE FAN!

Let’s meet Jerry. Jerry is born in 2039. Aa a 30-year-old mechanical engineer who is casual with an adventurous spirit inside. He always follows the latest trend of technology and would like to realize his childhood hood as an astronaut since he has read almost all the sci-fi novels that he can get..

However, he finds it difficult to realize the dream with his busy silicon valley work life.

Jerry has been in a project of building up the windmill for 6 years and finally able to negotiate with his company to take 1 year of sabbatical. He has been thinking of what to do to spend the whole year. Through a classmate of him back at Stanford who introduced him ‘COSMOX’, he is curious if this is a good chance for him to do what he has wanted to do since he was a child.

What can I get from COSMOX? I can do all the research by myself. It shouldn’t be a problem. But how to connect people and get the latest info or meet the person who was up there before… I would like to make sure I get as much information as possible. I don’t want to spend all my saving and get a bad experience.

I started to think of the position of COSMOX and why it should exist. To help me get the logic clear. Why do I do this is the first and the most important thing for me to ask. How to create a brand identity and What are the execution, marketing agency campaign, and the final services look like are also coming along with the first question.

Started by hand drawing logos on paper from logos I collected from Pinterest, I experimented with circles a lot because I especially like geometric forms and cosmos also has 2 ‘O’s as part of the element.

Realized the sketches digitally was my second step as it helped me to use the grid and make everything more organized. It took me 20% of my time sketched it on paper and 80% of the time using Sketch to complete the logo.

I took the infinity symbol as an inspiration because I wanted to convey the idea that this space travel can help your imagination go as far as you want. The company value of COSMOX focuses on exploring the unknown and this unknown can be limitless.

The first art direction I had was for the mysterious, puzzle, and secret mood. It is dark with a grayish color tone. Heavy imageries but with lots of open spaces to create a vast and infinite vibe.

The second art direction is the one I chose finally and it is for the adventurists. I wanted to embody the discovery, the movement with the spectacular of the cosmos altogether to show an exciting space travel vibe. It is humanity carefree and light feel. Exploration was a word to symbolize all the feelings and purposes.

Why did I choose the second art direction?

Stepping on the outer space and the possibility to step on an extraterrestrial land is full of excitement. Its blue color and the mood represented not only symbolizes the technology advancement of human technology but also our interest in connecting to the outside world.

Why 2069?

2069 is the 100-year anniversary that human set his first step on the moon that has a historical symbolism.

Colors |Blue and Dark are the main tones of the color. Light blue helps the color and the icon to pop up. The color palette has a calm and tranquil feeling at the same time to make you feel like the ocean or the earth that blue and vast feelings. It combines peace and exploration.

Typography | Roboto & Futura are both Sans-serif fonts that have neat and clean feeling. I want to represent this high-tech consultancy service a more systematic and organized mood.

Design Elements |For CTA ( Call To Action) button, also the inactive button, I used the light blue color background to make it pop up. The text color is heavier so it can also stand out at the bottom. The secondary button, the active/hover button, is an outlined button that I kept the same color elements to make button sets consistent.

I started to draft the wireframe on Sketch, to be strategic and minimized the time of design. I decided the pages I wanted to focus first and then narrowed down to the following key pages:

— Welcome
— About
— Connect
— Services
— Gallery

Landing Page

Important Messages

  • Increase curiosity and create an intriguing and friendly website
  • Neat and simple interface with lots of spaces
  • Clear CTA with bright blue for new users to join
  • highlighted social media and menu button, easier for users to spot with a clean look
  • Used large imagery and hand drawing to present a space travel vibe


I wanted to get people’s attention step by step with imageries and lines that are simple and easy to remember. You can see the white and the black tone of the posters shown above.

The first poster on the left intended to arouse people’s childhood dreams. I designed the second poster to show the next step in taking the real action. We guarantee the trip with the core value ‘fun’, ‘safe’ and ‘we are here to help’

I am very happy that I could build up the whole project and branding on my own. This is an interesting project that I could explore many tech websites, especially that NASA has tons of information.

For the future, I would love to design more souvenirs or ads for my desktop, more wireframes to explain the use of the app and desktop for sure. Animate it in Principle would be my goal to make it look more cool and interactive.

Curiosity is the essence of our existence — Gene Cernan

Click on the following link to see the prototype.

Desktop: Click Here

Mobile: Click Here



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