UX Design Weekly Digest: Issue #7

September 6-September 13

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The latest news from the world of UX design:

Marina Yalanska of Tubik Studio collected the definitions and examples for the widely used types of buttons we daily seen on websites and mobile apps.

Sometimes an existing system won’t meet the needs of your project or users. Depending on the state of the existing system and the goals of your project, there are several strategies for adopting a scalable, pattern-based approach without sacrificing the user experience or inviting tiresome organizational turf wars.

Garrett Miller shares the story about Slack Kit. A group of engineers, designers, and writers began to centralize these standards, documenting the bits and pieces, small and large, that make up Slack.

Bradley Taunt shares his UX experiment and case study re-thinking the design of search result layouts

Norm decided to write my own Figma desktop app with the mission of making Figma feel, more at home on the Mac.

Practical tips on how to add video content in web pages and mobile screens.

With some help from Lottie, Webflow team brings the power of After Effects to Webflow and unlocking a new realm of possibilities for animation on your sites.

Jake Tsacudakis explains what components are, how they work, and give you a set of best practices you can use to incorporate them into your Figma design workflow.

This article is a memo that will remind designers who work on mobile UX about the things they need to design before sending the app to AppStore/GooglePlay.

Logo splash screen by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

Test all the buttons and links on your page with just one click. Check if you have are compliant with WCAG 2.1 contrast guidelines.

Video games have a power to change your perspective. They seemed so much edgier, playing with deeper and more experimental UX techniques. In this artile, Scott Jenson goes well beyond classic “gamification” and tells how video games can inspire great UX.

Email Love is a collection of carefully curated email resources.

This plugin for Sketch allows you to switch between Light and Dark Mode directly in your design with one click.

Guy Ligertwood shares his thoughts about the UX design industry.

The tool helps you check the support tables for HTML and CSS in emails.

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