UX Design Weekly Design Digest: Issue #3

August 8-August 15

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The latest news from the world of UX design:

Vitaly Dulenko wrote an excellent article on how Tinder onboards new users, creates habit loops, drives our behavior and hooks us up to keep using the app.

Linzi Berry, Product Design Systems Manager at Lyft, shares the story and core principles of their design system.

What should you do if you have a button that isn’t active in a given context? Removing the button from its native location and revealing it later can surprise users. Instead of doing this, designers will indicate that it’s disabled to avoid displaying a drastic change to the interface.

Erik D. Kennedy shares a few tips on how to improve the UX of your designs WITHOUT hours of user research sessions, paper prototyping playtime, or any other trendy UX buzzwords.

The story of how Dropbox Design migrated to Figma and structured our cross-platform design system.

Superposition is a web-based tool that extracts the design tokens your site already has and exports them to CSS, SCSS, JavaScript and Adobe XD.

Artyline enables people to try UI-styles on sketches in augmented reality. Visualize and validate ideas in one click before starting designing it. Draw sketch, scan it using the smartphone camera and get screen-layout.

Sketch-to-screen AR converter created by Helene Malyutina’s team

Let’s be honest we’ve all at least once tried to skew things up a notch… and admit it, whatever hack you tried was just a dirty hack. Well, now you can just say SkewDat! With SkewDat plugin, you can skew anything & everything in sight in Figma.

ProtoPie 4.0 introduces components. Fredo Tan wrote an article that explains how to use them.

José Torre shares seven tips to thrive as a creative in a corporate environment.

MAD RABBIT launched a course for graphic designers — how to make isometric illustration by the simplest way.

Gestalt is a German word meaning ‘shape’ or ‘form.’ Gestalt psychology is focused on how people interpret the world. There are a few fundamental principles, also known as “laws of perceptual organization.” Nick Babich wrote the overview of principles that describe the way people perceive the world.

Polished typography is no easy feat, but it can be accomplished by paying attention to a few important details such as font combinations, script letter spacing, and glyph size & kerning.

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