UX accessibility for elderly — 12 principles

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Single-finger accessibility gesture in Google Maps

1. Enable users to adjust interface size, especially text

Text justification and slim line spacing can make reading a difficult task

2. Text field formatting

3. Color coding

MailChimp is doing great job using icon, color, and text to indicate an error

4. Contrast

Duolingo imitates physical buttons by using clear borders & shadows

5. Indicate interactivity

6. Indicate external links

Google shopping clearly indicates which shop a price comes from, and the CTA redirects to it without a doubt

7. Current location indicator

Material Design can be an example of navigation that doubles as a location indicator
iOS uses animations to enhance navigation (source)

8. Animations

9. Time limited activities

10. Language

11. High error tolerance

Google offers probably the best error tolerance on a market.

12. Find analogies to processes in a physical world

Pillboxie tries to digitize a physical experience related to medication intake


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