Uber Redesign Concept 2019

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1. Wireframing

Before jumping into creating high-fidelity interfaces, visualizing the structure of the app which fulfils the users’ needs was more important. So, creating a low-fidelity wireframe of the app, improves productivity and allow you to play with your ideas and avoids any frustration of tweaking the design repeatedly😅

As you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, similarly before designing anything start with drawing the wireframes.

The UI Design and Interaction was completely done in Adobe XD, only the touch gestures were added later using After Effects.
Before starting the project, I chose to design this completely in InVision Studio (Windows Version), but working with InVision studio was very frustrating because of lags even if you’re on a high-performance machine.
The only thing Adobe XD lacks is the prototyping features of InVision Studio (They have dope features for prototyping and animating, but the overall tool sucks because of lags)

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