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When it comes to finances, it’s always about numbers. But what about the actual people who are facing this struggle every day? We believe there’s something much more important to finance than only numbers. You might be surprised, but we are going to talk about LOVE.

post by Monika Calite, Financial UX Inspiration officer at UXDA

As you all well know, when it comes to love it’s not always butterflies and roses. It can get complicated. What do you think are the main causes of stress in relationships? Annoying habits? Children?

Actually, by the data 35% of couples name finances as the main reason for conflicts. That’s because keeping up with the numbers and budgeting is simply not in our human nature.

That’s true because humans are irrational beings. Whether we like it or not, our lives are mostly dictated by emotions.

But there is some good news as well. One of the most powerful emotions a person can have is love. So why do we ruin it with finance?

We believe — adding just a little more love can make a huge difference. We want to introduce you to the four pillars we keep holding on as a design agency that uses the power of UX design to bridge the gap between banking, finances and users.


It all starts you — the people who are using the products. You see, there’s a common problem in the financial industry — often numbers are more important than actual people. We believe — to create a truly wonderful experience we have to listen to people. What are their needs, expectations, and how is your product making them struggle?


We have to care about users, about their experiences and if there are some problems we have to fix them. Once we replace those with solutions and pleasant experiences, we can win over the customer’s hearts.


We have to design for emotions. And love is the most powerful emotion there is.


In the end, to make all of this happen, it takes a dedicated team that’s really passionate about their job and ready to change the financial world with love.

Love your users and create such an amazing experience that they wouldn’t have any other choice than to just be delighted by your product.

Design for emotions, especially for love.

And last but not least have a team that’s so passionate about their job that it becomes a force capable of changing the whole financial world.

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