This Week in Weed: New York City Cracks Down!

February 8, 2019 2 min read

Welcome to Green Entrepreneur’s video recap of the cannabis news you might have missed this week, hosted by our cannabis correspondent, Conrad Martin.

NYC ups the regulation on CBD in food items

New York City is tightening the belt on businesses that include CBD as an ingredient in its food items. While there’s no definite reason for the crackdown, the New York City department of health has already begun to embargo food items claiming that eateries were not “permitted to add anything to food or drink that is not approved as safe to eat.”

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Cannabis jobs are up (and so are salaries)

It’s not too late if you’re still thinking of jumping into the cannabis industry. According to Glassdoor, cannabis job opportunities increased by approximately 76% last year. Still not convinced, they also reported that cannabis workers on average – earn 11% more than the median US salary. 

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Denver hires someone to help cannabusinesses

And if Denver is where you’re thinking of starting your bud biz, you’re in luck!  The city of Denver is adding a “cannabis process navigator” to its pay roll. The person in charge will be responsible for helping businesses navigate through bureaucracy and red tape while maintaining public safety standards. 

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