Theory of Mind

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This is a short article about our mind that I thought worth sharing with you guys. This has some takeaways to UX people.

First of all, I have a question for you, so take your time and answer this question before reading my answer.

There is a room with two people. Let’s name them as Iron man and Captain America. ( I am a marvel fan :-p)

And there are two bins named A and B. So Captain kept his shield in basket B and left the room to buy a Shawarma. ( Have you tried Shawarma? you should!)

In the meantime, Iron man took his shield and put it in the basket A. After some time Captain returned to the room.

So here comes the question, On which basket Captain gonna look for his Shield? Basket A or Basket B? Take your time…..

Did you think of basket B? Congratulations..! you’re an adult.

I know now you will be like am I a joke to you? that’s obvious. Yes, it is obvious unless you are a 3 yr old. If you ask the same exact question from a 3 yr old, the answer may surprise you. They say basket A.

But why is that?

3 yr old does not understand the states of mind. Simply they don’t understand people having different mindset and mentality. They think what they see and what they feel is what everyone thinks and feels. Crazy right? this how our brain works, with time it becomes more intelligent. This is the theory of our mind.

At some point when we designing, we assume things, behaviors of our user audience. Sometimes it works sometimes it not.

But by assuming what user will do and his journey without actually testing with users is actually, the same thing that 3rd-year-old would do.

So next time when you make an assumption, make sure you tested it out with your audience….

You can watch this video that explains this theory and the experiment.

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