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The Long War & Common Core


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A MUST read! It’s clear and widely known: Common Core is an educational disaster for America’s kids. The good news is that parents can protect their kids by rejecting Common Core and by learning to embrace academic excellence once again!”     -Congresswoman Michele Bachmann


Donna Hearne’s book is an essential guidebook for all who care about what our children are taught (and NOT taught) in public school.”     -Phyllis Schlafly, Founder & President Eagle Forum.


“It is just so frightening to see how far reaching all of this is. We do have an adversary who is out to destroy all that is good about America- to destroy what Reagan called the last great bastion of freedom in the world. I wish i could put it in the hands of every legislator, school board member, teacher, and parent in the country!”     – Stanley Reahard, Editor and Consultant



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