Stephen Colbert Skewers Reefer-Mad Canadians in Hilarious Video

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The Late Show host says newly legalized Canadian marijuana is a gateway drug to other Canadian behaviors.

June 27, 2018 3 min read

The Canadians might have beat us in the arms race for cannabis legalization, but that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert for taking a shot at our neighbors up north on his TV show Late Night with Stephen Colbert.  

The hilarious clip parodies the 1936 classic propaganda film, Reefer Madness, which depicted high schooler descent into madness due to marijuana addiction.

In Colbert’s version, marijuana is seen as a gateway drug to other Canadian vices such as “mainlining poutine” and “lumberjacking.” One lost soul from Skokie, Illinois gets so high he dresses like a Mountie and sings Barenaked Ladies songs. 

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