Stakeholders mapping in Design Thinking

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Stakeholders Record

The key is to define all participants in the product/project. To do this, you must answer the basic questions:

  1. Name and Surname.
  2. What is his/her position in an organization?
  3. What is his/her function in your project or product?
  4. Contact data (e.g. e-mail).
  5. What are his/her requirements with reference to your project or product?
  6. What are his/her expectations from your project or product?
  7. What kind of impact he/she has in the project?
  8. Classification (based on stakeholders matrix I’ll show below).
Kate Dam materials; free to use by anyone

It’s hard to do this when you are new in the project, but you can also sit together with Business Analysts or Product Owner in your team to define key persons.

Stakeholders Matrix

Kate Dam materials; free to use by anyone

By defining matrix you’ll have clarity which stakeholders are the most important. When you gather Job Stories or Business Requirements this method is for you. Thanks to this, you’ll avoid situations when low priority stakeholder try to force his ideas as high-priority ones.

You can think, ‘simple as that’, but in real-life cases is more than ‘that’. Usually, we want to have only stakeholders with great force and a strong interest in our projects, but as life shows, it’s not so simple. The base is to know how to handle it, so hope this method will help you next time.

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