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How to replace cliched tags for meaningful ones

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If you are overwhelmed with over-usage of hashtags and wish, there had been better human sense and sanity checks, welcome aboard!

A little background here. I am a keen follower of digital marketing agency trends and try to interact with whatever comes on my way in the online world. Like many of you, I confront thousands of hashtags everyday. Emails and blogs, RSS feeds to social posts, radio slots to conversations, we are bombarded with hashtags. Sometimes I feel like telling the authors to specific posts “How the F**k your tags matter?Who do you think you are? Some kind of celebrity s**t?” I am also guilty of using them online, though sparingly. My posts on Linkedin are mostly related to my work and I try to draw attention of the UX communities and look for their response and feedback. Outside work, I am active only on Instagram and sometimes Flickr. I tag my photos with maximum of 3 #s (yes, count’em!) with location and/or subject to connect with people around me. That’s my way to look around for what’s happening and connect with like minded folks. It turns out, other people look around for similar response too. My Twitter feeds are mostly clean. Sometimes I look them up to search something relevant and people’s reaction.

Yet, I have a serious problem with #s. They are mostly annoying and on-the-face, repetitive and bragging. Over last couple of years, I have grown resistance with on-the-face posts and ads. I use Chrome tools like Text Mode and Dark Reader to hide them and make my reading focussed. After working in a marketing agency led industry you grow that kinda resistance I believe, right?

If you are passionate about selling, it’s likely that you will be less passionate about buying, isn’t it?

Most of the hashtags and keyword behaviors have an agenda. Influencing or bragging holds the top spot, following by uplifting a propaganda. It can be a product, service or human nature. or marketing agency.

Anyone who has been using social media for more than a few hours has seen hashtags used and abused. With social media influencers marketing agency, people are becoming more like human billboards. Likes and dislikes, love and hate, all captured relentlessly in posts revealing annoying side of their personality and emotions even before they realize it. They are giving the social marketeers the value for money for user generated data with emotional value attached to it.

Hashtags differentiate searchable keywords from the rest of the text in an update. If you are a tag enthusiast, you would know what a “Taxonomy” is. Hashtags create informal Taxonomy or user generated categorization of the content. It’s purpose is to make the search engine’s task of organizing content easier by understanding them. In a world where we are fighting for each other’s attention (heard of Basic Attention Token(BAT) yet, where users are paid to view an ad) it’s not wise to ask people to stop using hashtags. Looking at the random usage of tags on platforms like Facebook and Insta, there’s no doubt that #s have become fuel for people’s alter ego, attention seeking mentality which would stop at nothing.

The worst side effect of over usage of tags is that, they have killed the art of articulation and have the ability to degrade an ordinary post to the level of boring.

What was created for a purpose has become a garbage of idiocy.With over usage of tags, all we do is to kill the interest around certain posts.

Here I will show you the most annoying hashtags circulating in your social feeds. Avoiding just a few overused one and following some simple rule, you can literally get the interest on your posts that you deserve.

Instagram Report 2018 highlights #Blessed as one of the most hated keywords. People are so obsessed with this glorified hashtag that, it’s printed on T-shirts, sunglasses, and water bottles. According to, “blessed” is defined as “divinely or supremely favored; fortunate.” This definition says nothing about showing off expensive things or experiences, until recently.

Generally reserved for the social media elite s like celebrities. Whether they’re relaxing on a private yacht in the Caribbean or staying in a 5* hotel, ‘#blessed’ creates a humble(?) justification as to why they’re living the high life and you’re not.

Imagine these scenarios. You will avoid a thousand haters if you avoid the tags when:

· You feel pretty and post a selfie — #blessed

· You have a partner and post a selfie with them — #blessed

· You partied on the beach and had drink — #blessed

· You went to a dream place of yours (which is otherwise an ok place) — #blessed

I would still acknowledge and be happy for people who use#Blessed with a new-born baby picture. It truly defines the situation!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having money and enjoying lavish things. But, when you post pictures of this lavish lifestyle, it becomes boasting regardless of the hashtags present in the caption. You don’t have to think or research much about it be descriptive and use simple words to convey your message.

Used by young people to describe a night out with the ‘lads’ or to excuse posting THAT special photo your friend asked you not to upload, it can now be found on almost anything. After many funny tweets from people across the globe who couldn’t understand what this originally British hashtag meant, it now gets attached to any photo, even if there’s very little ‘#banter’ to it.

‘No Haters’ seems like a fair request from someone receiving rude or hateful comments after posting a photo or status but this is often far from the case. But the users of #NoHaters tend to have very few haters to ward off! In fact, it’s usually used by people with public accounts and who thinks they have more followers than they do.

Commonly used by budding photographers. The desired effect of impressing your followers with your #NoFilter photo is often lost because, well, the photo actually could do with a filter. Perhaps The sunset you just saw was beautiful. But, it doesn’t mean that the lens on your camera phone can capture it in the same way.

Used by those who feel their youth is slipping away, this hashtag is reserved for nostalgia themed pics from your teenage years. But, whilst that probably was ‘THE BEST NIGHT EVER’ back in 2000, there’s no reason to share it with the world in 2019.

This hashtag is used by all the optimists out there. Whether it’s the fitness fanatics who inspire us to hit the gym or that particular friend who has to post at least one motivational meme a day, #GoodVibes is everywhere. Unless you’re already in an optimistic mood, this hashtag often makes your followers feel patronized and a whole lot less cheerful than before.

A phrase that feels like it’s been around since social media began, it’s safe to say that if you post a photo of yourself, stood in your toilet mirror, doing personal stuff or just pouting to the camera, then we know it’s a selfie without you posting #Selfie.

Being a ‘foodie’ is by no means a bad thing. It’s when anyone with a bowl of pasta and a jar of hot sauce starts using #Foodie that users become irritated.

It simply means ‘Outfit of the Day.’ Fashion bloggers and celebrities use this hashtag as an excuse to post a photo of themselves every sunrise. This hashtag becomes especially annoying as it can only be used by the few who can afford a brand new outfit every day. The bling bling marriage party outfit doesn’t count.

The phrase stands for ‘You Only Live Once.’ #YOLO just isn’t quite as inspiring as it used to be and is just plain annoying.

It gets too busy and looks like you’re trying too hard, which doesn’t generally resonate with most people well!

In any case, the hashtags cannot be longer than the actual caption!

Image: Rawpixel on Freepik

There’s no denying that hashtags are useful in cases where you want to connect with your audience just like this Medium post which you have found based on your search or associated keywords based on your reading history. Also using tags for SEO Company purpose specially for small businesses are something I won’t discourage. But be thoughtful first!

You can better use your posts and tags with these few tips.

Here’s a few what you can do:

· Make them short and crisp

· Make them focused

· Organize them into hierarchies where it makes sense

· Consider starting with the existing ones using the with type-ahead filtering searches

And here are the don’ts:

· If it’s too long, nobody likes to read

· It’s not Search Engine, don’t repeat them with variations

· Don’t make them hard to remember

· Don’t use in every word

Remember, SEO and Tag algorithms change often.

The general rules are:

· Remember If your followers are not real and engaged Instagram’s algorithm will punish your account.

· You can achieve a clean look by putting the tags in a comment.

· This forces Instagram to collapse the comment. Putting the hashtags in the comments works as fine as if they were in the caption

· You cannot add spaces or punctuation in a hashtag, or it will not work properly.

· If you Tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your Tweet.

· Search the hashtag to find its popularity first. You can check out the number of posts for the category.

Search engines and AI takes time to get to the root of what you are trying to say when you say “Wow! Whatta a movie! Totally on the face!” It will stumble upon whether to categorize your review under good or bad! But adding hashtags like #rottenmovie2019 #AwesomeMovie2019 #BestofTomHanks will put things into context.

Another good usage of hashtag is, when you are trying to do any of these:

· Engage with your followers during Live Events.

· Create Contests or raffles

· Create content for your account with crowd-sourcing strategies or create word-of-mouth content.

· Position your Brand deeper in your followers’ minds. It is important to note that, true purpose of tagging your post is to show your willingness to make your post useful for others. Try these: #BestContentResources #SAPDeveloper #CopywritersInAtlanta #CyclistsInDallas

For small businesses, it is helpful to get noticed and create engagements. You can consider these hashtag if you are looking for audience with a purpose. Although common, these simple tags are still out their solving their purpose.

The Fashion hashtag is a fairly self- illustrative hashtag. All fashion brands are using this hashtag on their every post. Like #Adidas, #jimmychu, #Khaadi etc. These hashtags become famous when people buy this brand and use to share their picture with an original hashtag. The clothing models considers as some of the most productive users of this hashtag. People took their pictures of different events or even share the pictures of their designer dresses with the fashion and brand hashtags. This is the main reason for their popularity.

Celebrities use to post pictures of their work out on their official account by using the #fitness hashtag. It has become famous as well. Everything and trend used by the celebrity became viral and suddenly come on trending sites.

Most of the hashtag become famous real quick. #travel is one of them. People make travel diaries with the hashtag of the place name like if anybody travels to Italy then they make many hashtags like # travel, #traveldiaries, #Italy etc. So in this way, these hashtags come up on trending. With this hashtags, people get encouraged to explore new places.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are providing entertainment in a huge amount. Everyone knows how to create fun during socializing. People share many videos and pictures of a fun element with a #fun hashtag. This can be used while taking pictures during sport event, traveling, spending time with friends and family. This hashtag can be used everywhere, when you are enjoying something. That’s why this is including in one of the most trending hashtags. Evidence-based on that the millions of Instagramers that had a blast or enjoying in their latest photo or video with this famous hashtag.

When everybody is celebrating Christmas, Instagram become very busy in sharing millions of pictures and videos. People love to use use the hashtag #Christmas, #MaryChristmas, #happyChristmas, #SantaClaus. People love to share their personal celebration with these popular hashtags to share with the whole world. You can try the same for your local/regional festivals.

After Christmas hashtags, New Year hashtags become prime attractive. Most famous hashtags are #newyeareve, #happynewyear, #2k19, #newyearresoltion etc.

Almost every person uses these hashtags almost everywhere. Parties throw everywhere and people taking picture of every moment and uploading it with a famous hashtag. Revising these, again and again, make the most famous.

But it’s better to avoid over-tagging to a single post or do not add them to every word. In Twitter accounts, Tweets who are with hashtags are 2 times more involved than those without and surprisingly get 55% more retweets.

So it’s recommended to use hashtags that are only related to Tweets and are relevant to the topic. Do not Try to get attention by using an unwanted and mismatch hashtag between the content of your Tweet or while uploading a video and picture. Because it became annoying if people get depressed or hurt by using mismatch or unnecessary hashtags.

List of Annoying Instagram Hashtags (2019), from Huffpost:


#adultlife #alone #asia #attractive #assday


#beautyblogger #brain #babe #bikinibody #boho #books #beyonce


#costumes #curvy #curvygirls


#desk #direct #dm #date #dating #dadylove #dogsofinstagram


#eggplant #elevator #easter


#fitnessgirls #fishnets


#goddess #girlsonly #gloves #graffitiigers


#happythanksgiving #hardworkpaysoff #humpday


#ig #instamood #iphonegraphy #italiano


Leave a comment if you find a banned hashtag starting with the letter J.


#killingit #kansas #kissing


#lingerie #like #lean


#master #models #mustfollow


#nasty #newyears #newyearsday




#petite #pornfood #popular #pushups


Leave a comment if you find a banned hashtag starting with the letter Q.


Leave a comment if you find a banned hashtag starting with the letter R.


#skype #snap #snapchat #single #singlelife #stranger #saltwater #shower #shit #sallyhansen #sopretty #sunbathing #streetphoto #swole #snowstorm


#tanlines #tgif #todayimwearing #teens #teen #thought #tag4like #thighs






#woman #womancrushwednesday #women #workflow #wtf


Leave a comment if you find a banned hashtag starting with the letter X.


Leave a comment if you find a banned hashtag starting with the letter Y.


Source: Huffpost

Other commonly disliked hashtags include : #insta anything, #foodporn , #tagsforlikes, #followme, #followback, #follow

Let’s try to leave behind these hashtags and accept the fact that followers don’t increase your popularity, how you connect with them it what actually matters. Whatever platforms you are engaged on, remember that you are playing by a set of rules that your audience sets for you.

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