RideX | Taxi service on Ethereum Blockchain — a Design case study


Focusing on Decentralized Taxi experience

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Before you read: This article is more focused on Design and User Experience aspects of RideX. If you want to know more about the Business and Engineering of RideX click here.

RideX is a Community-based Taxi Booking app built on Ethereum Blockchain. This product was designed to increase the taxi driver’s income as well as reduce the ride fare for the end-user.

🤔 What’s the problem?

Taxi-hailing companies like Ola and Uber have less influence on Autos and taxis in the rural and semi-urban which leads to unconditional pricing of rides and many Rider/Customer-related problems. However, in Urban cities the prices are reasonable but the life of Taxi drivers is miserable and stressful with their own problems.

Again, Who are facing these problems?

Our Target users are both Taxi drivers as well as Riders/Customers.

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