Reinventing Online consultations — a Design case study

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How will the patient explain her situation?

Usually, doctors make the patient feel comfortable and easy, to build a better rapport with the patient. By doing this, the barrier between Doctor and Patient is reduced.
In a virtual situation, the word selection and the tone of copy written in the User Interface plays a significant role in gaining the trust of a patient and also making them feel comfortable which is also known as UX Writing. Because users read the UI and not just view it.

Apart from this, the patient can explain her situation in 3 ways:
1. [Indirect] Quiz: There will be a set of curated questions which are focused on Diet & Nutrition that can get to know the patient in a better way (Just like the personality test we all give). The mode of answering will be via voice, MCQ’s, and text.
Later on, the patient can explain her situation in-depth while chatting with the doctor.
2. [Direct] Open express: Here, the patient can explain her situation with full-freedom using a Text field.
3. [Indirect] Medical record analysis: Before starting the consultation, the app recommends the patient to take some basic tests like BMI, TDEE, and many others. This will help the doctor to get a better perspective.

How the payment will happen for the consultation?

Patients have to make the payment before their consultation via,

  • In-app wallet
  • Popular UPI apps (GPay, PhonePe, Amazon pay, Paytm)
  • Popular mobile wallets (Freecharge, Airtel money, PayPal, MobiKwik)
  • Pay later apps (Lazypay, Simpl)
  • Debit/Credit cards

How will the Nutritionist share a Diet plan? How can the patient follow it?

There is a Diet plan tab in every online consultation where the respective doctor can share the Medicine course or a Diet plan for the patient to follow. Patients also get timely reminders to follow the plan on a regular basis.

If there are any other queries to be answered, the patient can make use of the chat tab to interact with the doctor.

How to collect the patient’s previous medical records and test results?

With the permission of the patient, the doctor can access the previous medical records of the patient which are already stored in their app, or the doctor can specifically request the patient for any record or test result.

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