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Youtube is a video-sharing website, it creates a huge platform for so many peoples (YouTubers). Everyone uses youtube on a daily basis for News, Social Videos, Education Videos, Much more to list.

I’m a big fan of Youtube. I started user experience learning in youtube videos. Special Thanks Mentioned below.
Daily 3 to 4 times I will watch a new video in Design, news, social, education etc… recently, I noticed while watching or learning switch between the video is very hard. For Example, while watching Project Management video, I like to know about project strategy both in a different video, When Finished the first one, I started the second one but I forget about the first I try to recall the Content, but its very hard. So went to history I select the video, simultaneously I done this for making notes between two videos. When it comes between three video or more…wow, it’s very hard. I have solved this problem, I will call this “Pause Pocket”.

To Google,
I made a solution depends upon what I faced and what can be the solution for the pain point, I made everything in user perspective. If I missed some in your core design process of Youtube, I’m really sorry for that. let me know if you aready have solution for this problem. Who knows, there might be a team at Google working on this idea too.

Exploration of Pause Pocket

Things to Remember while Design.
While starting, I have some points to remember,
1. Not change any things dramatically in existing youtube mobile app, ultimately the primary function is to watch the video anywhere anytime.
2. Updating the billion of the user using product is a time-consuming process, so I have a clear idea as soon as possible I have to design very light and existing functionality already in youtube to reuse that in pause pocket.
3. I used sample icons and functionality from the existing app itself for making the development process even faster.

What is Pause Pocket?
Pause Pocket is a simplified video library, we can store recent video in just single swipe. Play it Simultaneously in Pause Pocket single screen without opening and closing video on multiple screens. PLAY. PAUSE. CONTINUE.

Process of Pause Pocket — PP

Process Explained Below:
User Flow,

Visual Identicator & mental Models are consider while designing the new concept in youtube. Exisiting functionalities and UI elements are used in Pause Pocket.

I tried to solve the problem for many frequent users daily they’re facing the problem to switch between the video, Searching videos will open multiple screens it’s very hard to get back. What happens if you learning or referencing content in videos?. Use of Pause Pocket you can easily store them inside the library, you can play simultaneously in a single screen.

Thanks for reading…!
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