New Treasures In Front-End And UX — Meet SmashingConf NYC 2018

With so much happening on the web, what is essential and what should you pay attention to? SmashingConf NYC 2018 will explore how new web technologies, findings and emerging front-end/UX techniques can make us all better designers and developers.

On Oct 23–24 2018, we’ll dive deep into everything from Progressive Web Apps, Vue.js, Webpack, performance patterns, and CSS tricks all the way to accessibility, eCommerce UX, DesignOps, and strategies for better planning and estimates. With Sara Soueidan, Dan Mall, Sarah Drasner, Jason Grigsby, and many others speakers and workshops.

SmashingConf New York, October 23 to 24
Ready for a smashing adventure? Let’s explore the hidden corners of front-end and UX at SmashingConf New York, Oct 23–24.

The night before the conference we’ll be hosting a FailNight, a warm-up party with a twist. The sessions will highlight the stories nobody likes to talk about but which are invaluable to get better and smarter at what you do: stories about how we all failed at one point or another — be it at a small or big scale. Sounds like fun? Well, it will be.

Speakers & Workshops

One track, two conference days, 15 speakers, and just 400 available seats. With highly practical talks featuring techniques and strategies that you can apply to your work right away. Here’s what you should expect:

Dan Mall and Sara Soueidan are some of the wonderful speakers we are glad to be having in New York
  • Design Workflow and Process
    Dan MallSuperFriendly
  • Refactoring and UI Improvements With CSS
    Sara Soueidan
  • Design In The Era Of AI & Machine Learning
    Josh ClarkBig Medium
  • Web Font Loading Optimization
    Monica DinculescuGoogle
  • Productivity, Pushing Ideas Forward
    Paul Boag
  • Serverless and Vue.js
    Sarah DrasnerMicrosoft
  • Progressive Web Apps
    Jason GrigsbyCloud Four
  • Graphic Design Workflow
    Chiara AliottaUntilSunday
  • Setting Up Webpack
    Sean Thomas LarkinWebpack Core Team
  • Web Performance Best Practices
    Patrick HamannFastly
  • … plus Tim Kadlec (Performance Audit), Laurence Penney (Variable Fonts), Michael Flarup (Icon Design), and, of course, the Mystery Speaker.

Workshops At SmashingConf New York

Our workshops give you the opportunity to spend an entire day on the topic of your choice. SVG? Vue.js? Performance? Whatever it might be that sparks your interest, we’ve got you covered. A ticket for the full-day workshop is $499, and if you combine it with a conference ticket, you’ll save $100 on the regular workshop price. Seats are limited.

Workshops on Monday, October 22nd

Dan Mall on Design Workflow For A Multi-Device World
Dan MallIn this workshop, Dan will share insights into his tools and techniques for integrating design thinking into your product development process. You’ll learn how to craft powerful design approaches through collaborative brainstorming techniques, and how to involve your entire team in the design process. Read more…

Josh Clark on Design For What’s Next
Josh ClarkSpend a day exploring the web’s emerging interactions and how you can put them to work today. Your guide is designer Josh Clark, author of Designing for Touch and ambassador of the near future. As you move into newer design tools — speech, bots, physical interfaces, artificial intelligence, and more — you’ll learn the tools and techniques for prototyping and launch these new interfaces and get answers to foundational questions for all your projects. Read more…

Sarah Drasner on Intro To Vue.js
Sarah DrasnerVue.js brings together the best features of the Javascript framework landscape elegantly. If you’re interested in writing maintainable, clean code in an exciting and expressive manner, you should consider joining this class. Read more…

Vitaly Friedman on Dirty Little Tricks From The Dark Corners Of eCommerce
Vitaly FriedmanIn this workshop, we will use real-life examples as a case study and examine refinements of the interface on spot. The goal is to set up a very clear roadmap on how we can do the right things in the right order to improve conversion and customer experience. That means removing distractions, minimizing friction and avoiding disruptions and dead ends caused by the interface. Read more…

Workshops on Thursday, October 25th

Paul Boag on How To Convince Clients And Colleagues The Right Way
Paul BoagThis full-day workshop offers practical guidance on the most critical skills you need in your career; the ability to persuade. Persuade colleagues and clients to take a risk, to step out of their comfort zones and embrace change. Read more…

Sara Soueidan on The CSS & SVG Power Combo
Sara SoueidanThe workshop with the strongest punch of creativity. The CSS & SVG Power Combo is where you will learn about the latest, cutting-edge CSS and SVG techniques to create creative crisp and beautiful interfaces. We will also be looking at any existing browser inconsistencies as well as performance considerations to keep in mind. And there will be lots of exercises and practical examples that can be taken and directly applied in real life projects. Read more…

Tim Kadlec on Building Performant Websites
Tim KadlecPerformance is a critical consideration for online experiences. We don’t stand still on the web. We click links, we expand menus, we move from page to page — we are constantly having our experiences shaped by how quickly each of these interactions takes place. Read more…

Vitaly Friedman on Smart Responsive UX Design Patterns
Vitaly FriedmanIn this workshop, Vitaly Friedman, co-founder of Smashing Magazine, will cover practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on responsive websites. From responsive modules to clever navigation patterns and web form design techniques; the workshop will provide you with everything you need to know today to start designing better responsive experiences tomorrow. Read more…


New York City is buzzing with energy and excitement — the perfect backdrop for SmashingConf. Just like in past years, we will welcome you at the New World Stages, an old movie theater renovated into one of the top off-Broadway houses, just off the Times Square district. Workshops will take place at the Microsoft Technology Center right in the heart of Times Square, close to transportation and lots of food and entertainment options.

SmashingConf at the New World Stages
The cats are taking over! We’re heading back to the New World Stages, a renowned performing arts complex in the heart of New York’s theater district. (Image credit: Marc Thiele)

Why This Conference Will Be For You

Each SmashingConf is an intimate, familiar experience. A gathering of new and old friends, good conversations, and lots of sharing and learning. At SmashingConf New York you will learn how to:

  1. Drastically improve the accessibility and overall experience of your components and interfaces,
  2. How to scale up your web app with serverless functions & Vue.js (and safe hosting costs),
  3. How to make a website more performant, resilient, and accessible,
  4. How to convince your bosses and clients to give their approval,
  5. How to take full advantage of Progressive Web App technology,
  6. How to avoid the typical pitfalls of the handover process,
  7. What to consider when using AI in your products,
  8. How to load web fonts fast by default,
  9. … and a lot more.

Download “Convince Your Boss” PDF

Think your boss needs a little more persuasion? We’ve prepared a neat Convince Your Boss PDF that you can use to tip the scales in your favor to send you to the event.

See You In New York!

We’d love you to join us on this exciting adventure. Let’s spend some memorable days together to explore the hidden corners of front-end — and hunt for some new treasures, too, of course. See you there!

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