Common Core

Is an attempt by D.C. special interest groups and the federal government to herd children into one-size-fits-all national standards. States were coerced by the federal government into adopting the Standards resulting in an illegal federal takeover of education. 

Common Core Math

Common Core Math will place American students two years behind their peers in other high-achieving countries and include an experimental approach to geometry. The Math Standards will only prepare students for nonselective community colleges, not four-year universities like USC or Clemson.

Common Core English

English language arts (ELA) Large amounts of classical fiction and non-fiction are required to provide students with rich sources of complex language structure, which challenge a young reader to critically examine each page.

K-3 Standards Developmentally Inappropriate

Young children are unable to think abstractly as required to achieve many of the K-3 Standards. Early childhood experts have said that the Standards could cause psychological damage… 


A cost analysis was never completed prior to adopting the Standards and the Legislature was by-passed regardless of the cost to the State. Accountability Works, Inc. estimates national costs to be $16 billion…


According to the Common Core Smarter Balanced testing consortia federal government contract, all student-level data will be accessible to the federal government. This includes students’ and families’ personal data such as social security numbers, religious affiliation, political affiliation and more.


The system of Federalism outlined in the US Constitution was designed to make government accountable to the people by placing power locally. The question of what students should be taught has enormous consequences for children. 

SCPIE Responds to False Claims

The South Carolina School Boards Association has released a pamphlet designed to alleviate South Carolinians’ concerns about the new Common Core State (sic) Standards (CCSS). The pamphlet argues that it’s a good idea to relinquish control over English language arts (ELA) and mathematics education to private interests, and the federal government, in Washington, D.C. 


The Common Core repeal victory will be the catalyst for meaningful reform that removes federal government interference and allows teachers to teach – reform that will usher in objective, classical education for South Carolina students.