New Google Lighthouse extension for Firefox goes live

Google Developers announced a new official Google Lighthouse Firefox extension Wednesday. Google’s Lighthouse is an open source software (OSS) project with a few different integration points. There has been at least one port of the reporting tool for use as a Firefox extension.

Firefox had not yet reviewed the extension, so it gets automatically categorized as “not a Recommended Extension.” Firefox will likely add Google’s extension to it’s “Recommend” list after review. In the meantime, the risk level on this extension is still unknown even when it appears to be very much legit.

Firefox Extension warning

Why we care

Google Lighthouse is a collection of highly useful tools for practitioners across the entire spectrum of our industry. Non-technical marketing agency folks can easily read summary reports and have stories to tell clients, while technical folks can utilize the command line interpreter (CLI) version to insert score threshold tests ensuring performance metrics as a step in continuous integration and continuous deployment procedures.

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