My paracosm

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Paracosm is a phenomenon where a detailed imaginary world is created in a child’s mind. My inner child created a fantasy world that I would like to share: my paracosm.

It’s a fantastic world, a little bit paradoxical but that’s what makes it more magical.

I close my eyes. Rowing my boat in an infinite blue ocean, I finally find my destination and land in a beautiful island.

I notice the people. They are all superheroes and each one has a unique power. These heroes collaborating in a magical way to keep their world alive.

Race, color, age, gender or any other details are just pieces of a puzzle that makes them special, so whatever describes a person is part of their elegance and unique power.

Men are source of positive power, they are explorers, adventurous, free rational souls who act and risk also aware of their emotions, align with them and embrace that. They don’t consider their emotional side a weakness. They are not blind dominants. These guys are great protectors whose intelligence guide them to create balance.

Women are source of intuition, creativity, understanding and compassion. They are supporters, not dependent. They are not a prison for men’s dreams. Their peacefulness, kindness and sophistication are their attractiveness. They are not in the prison of their bodies. Love brings creativity and harmony in their life.

Parents teach their children to create their own standards and encourage them to find out their unique identity and power. Mothers and fathers never make clones from themselves because they know their world needs another heroes who possess new strengths and power. Parents guide their children by their exceptional knowledge and experience while giving them the freedom to create their own unique identity.

Children create their own self based on deep love and support received from their parents and discover their outstanding superpower.

My heroes know that bad emotions are just signals which guide them to improve. They use these signals to find their way and never become a slave of their negative emotions. They are not jealous, instead of blind competition, they find their imperfection and try to improve. People are brave to face their imperfections. Authenticity is the most important quality. No one needs a mask because authenticity is beauty. They never let the anger take over and ruins their unique identity. Yes, my heroes have self-respect and know their own worth and trust themselves. Everyone has a unique mission and know that others rely on them. There is no fight and no war.

In this island, adventure is discovering self, world and universe. Love and trust exist everywhere. Talents grow and incredible possibilities are everywhere…

I open my eyes. That was my sweet dream, my paracosm…

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