Misused Mobile UX Example— iPhone X Lock Screen

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iPhone X Lock Screen

You are given a chance to change the bottom buttons of the most important screen of your life. The one you see every time you pick up your phone. Your lock screen. What would you pick instead?

User experience doesn’t just mean a clear and easy to use design. UX is the road to the heart of the product. It is the user experience that pushes you to use the most crucial feature of a product. It doesn’t matter you have the most useful or beautiful product if you fail on UX; users will not be able to see any of it. And, it is misused often without anyone noticing it.

It was a regular day. I returned to the living room and I just took off my iPhone X from the table to see if there were any notifications. It was blank, but I noticed something while staring at it. The right-bottom button consists of a camera icon. I thought I never used it, because if I want to take a photo, what I do was just sliding the screen to the left. So, there it was. The singular most important screen, the one that I see every day, every second; the lock screen of my iPhone X had two buttons at the bottom and one of them was %100 meaningless. I was able to access the camera with the button and sliding the screen to the left at the same time. It’s not just meaningless but it is also confusing in terms of UI. The left-bottom button is used to access torch, so is that mean sliding the screen to the right will open the torch also??

I tried to approach the problem in two ways. What right-bottom button will I put there instead and what is the reason Apple doing this? Let’s admit it, this is the most important screen of the iPhone itself, we see it more than any other screen at the whole time. This screen is the gate, it is the one that should consist shortcuts to the most used features or the ones that Apple want us to use:) The core feature of the phone is to be able to call someone, so in terms of a right UX the right-bottom button should directly access to the caller app. But it’s 2019 and we know that the core feature of a phone varies across people. If we asked those people they would like the replace the camera button with notes, voice memos, calculator or something else that they want to access with just one-click. People are going to say it will be a security issue, but don’t forget, putting a passcode is not mandatory either; so this isn’t an issue at all. So no matter what, I would be really glad to be able to change the buttons on the screen that I see most, but let’s try to think from Apple’s perspective.

Capturing a photo means creating a “memory” in terms of Apple.

Is there a reason behind making easier to access the camera? Does Apple want people to take a photo whenever they pick up their phone? From Apple’s perspective, it totally makes sense. They are trying to make you collect memories with their product. They are prioritizing taking photo feature over calling feature because they know that this builds up a connection with your phone and eventually with Apple itself. Looking this way, we can say that Apple knows how to direct a user to the right point, but then why did I consider this as a misused UX example?

Even if creating memories is the core reason behind, I think there should be a different photo feature at the right-bottom button. There is no point at having two different things with the same purpose. For example, it would be really beneficial if that button will work like when you press it, it would capture immediately without opening the camera app. So, when you need to take a quick photo, you would just press the button and it would capture without showing the photo at the screen. Still, it is pushing me to take a photo, not breaking Apple’s core purpose, but now the button really works for something.

I will continue to review common mobile products in terms of UX and features that they lack. So, leave a comment if you like it or if you want a specific product review. Thanks.

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