Isometry to Easymetry : stop using SSR method

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I. In isometry, we can use the full range of graphics solutions for illustration to make it visually unique. This is very important for graphics that are created for the needs of a particular brand

II. an isometric illustration is much more informative than the flat one. That allows you to convey complicated metaphors and messages within a single scene

III. the lack of foreshortening, which causes a lot of pain to beginner illustrators, saves a lot of time and allows you to create large complex illustrations with many elements easily.

Work of my student

Because there is no sensible information on this topic on the Internet. 90% of the lessons and articles teach people to work in isometry using the SSR (Scale, Shear Rotate) method. Which is not only terribly inconvenient, but also useless if the task is to draw something more complicated than a cube

I. Isometric Instruments

With these tools you can build complex shapes in isometric projection that would be impossible to build with the help of the SSR

II. Optical compensation

And the lack of foreshortening forces us to use a number of tricks when working with isometry. Let’s look at examples

That’s why the geometric center is not always in the same spot where visual (or optical) one is

Home button and the camera of the phone are shifted to the right so that it visually looked at the center

This can be seen most clearly in the wheels of the car. If we draw the near and far wheel the same size, it will visually look like the back wheel is larger

Left image looks unnatural, Right — looks more realistic

III. Stylization of a volume

On the left — bad example of stylization, on the right — good

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