Instagram’s Hiding Likes — What It Means For The End Users

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Instagram are removing Likes starting in Canada, then moving to Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand — 7 countries in total! 😱

They say it’s to try to ease pressure on content creators, and help stop bullying. Are those countries full of bullies? I don’t know…

But what it could mean is this: IG make money from advertising — and what’s great way to stand out on the platform as an influencer? By having the most likes OR paying for advertising. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bigger motive for hiding likes is to increase the need to pay for publicity — and so drive ad spend.

Now switch the focus to any businesses with an influencer marketing strategy — they’ll seriously need to rethink how they find ‘genuine’ influencers. Maybe number of comments will become the new indicator instead of likes.

What do you think?

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For end users this could mean a few things — and it’ll be different depending on if you’re a follower or influencer. So here’s what I think…

For followers:

  • Could be confusing — how will they know what to like if nobody has already liked it? The whole thing about Likes is Social Proof which drives engagement — if everybody else likes it, you’re more likely to like it too. That’s just how most people are wired. Yep I said it — we’re sheep! 🐑 😅
  • So in terms of actual metrics, that would mean less engagement — more scrolling through mindlessly.
  • I think a lack of likes will also make the place feel a bit like a ghost town to be perfectly honest…
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For influencers, it’ll depend on where you sit in the food chain.

  • Serious influencers (really popular ones with thousands of followers) will lose out and probably see a drop in engagement & revenue. In the past, followers were influenced by the number of likes — but those days are gone.
  • What I think we will see is a lot of screenshots of likes being shared. Because while public facing likes are being removed — creators can still see how their posts did. So I’d imagine that with the way some people are, they will find a way to brag about their popularity in some way…
  • For wannabe influencers — people who crave the attention but just can’t seem to crack it with massive followings — I think they’ll be better off.
  • There will be less pressure and they’ll feel less judged. Less heartbreak overall methinks. 💔 Their posts might still not get likes — but at least nobody can see now!
Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash

It’ll be a better experience overall — I have kids myself, and I do think it’s a dangerous place for young people to compete and for the majority it probably is better that competitive aspect is now hidden.

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