How to export multiple GIF banners from Photoshop? (Product Review)

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Let’s start with the saying: “Photoshop is a good tool.”
But wait…for what? Photoshop started in the beginning for as a photo editing software and then matured also for the design profession and even for website banners.

Well and heave duty export. Loads of loads of export for banners. Photoshop is an excellent tool for export; it does it well. In the agency, there were days that I did 100 banners with different compression and different resolutions. Animated and not animated. so when I was asked to export a pack of 30 GIF banners for a client (even not animated!)

I ran into a problem.

“Export As” menu

The publishers had a size limit on the banners; they wanted one banner to be 20KB tops and the other 30KB maximum. Different resolutions sizes, the problem is that in the regular JPG and other menus was a quality dial that the user could affect the size of the file. And in the PNG & GIF menu, there wasn’t.

old legacy “save for web” window

The solution was clear. Go to the old legacy “save for web” menu.
That is all good, you say. But wait. I needed to export the files one by one.

JPG export menu — no problem
GIF export menu —quality dial
Tell me it’s not true… – Photo by: pixabay on: pexels

There are a lot of agencies and advertising companies who are still doing banners for advertising since the death of flash (Long Live the Banners!). Maybe no one of the designers there complained about this feature. Also, Google and YouTube are working with file size limits. And perhaps I’m the first one to notice, but still, I think it is a must-have feature for this type of work.

One way to solve this problem is to add a file size (quality) dial for PNG/GIF,
like there is on the JPG screen.

Quality dial

Or to add an advanced option like in the old legacy window.

Advanced options like in the legacy window export

I think it is the most wanted option and it will also benefit the company because usually when a company introduces a new feature like the new save menu, they want to get rid of the old menu, and they put it down the list and called it “legacy.” And then old-time users will get the keyboard rage on the forum. But what did you expect Adobe? You can’t introduce new updates on a dialog window and dismiss old used features. You need to test it on different personas. You need to listen to the users and their problems and put this feature because it is required and not ignore it.

So please add it.


Kind Regards, old-time user 😊

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