How the Successful and Wealthy Think About Their Money

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Take on a few of these habits and transform how you build wealth.

January 8, 2019 2 min read

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jack Canfield outlines a few obstacles that could be standing in the way of you achieveing success. One of the foremost obstacles people deal with is a poor relationship with money. To remedy this behavior, Canfield offers a few tips.

Watch out for self-limiting beliefs. If you possess a destructive attitude toward money that enoucrages you to spend it immediately or maybe makes you think you don’t deserve it, your spending behaviors will reflect this. Once you’ve determined these beliefs, rewrite them by turning them around into positive statements. 

Another financial obstacle Canfield points is accumulating wealth through one solitary source of income. If you’re job does not pay a lot and you also do not anticipate any possibilities of growth, you may want to begin seeking other opportunities. To remedy this, seek out new opportunities you can pursue on weekends and evenings or look to develop your training further.

Financial literary is also an issue for many people. To get a proper idea of your net worth and methods of growing of your wealth — educate yourself.

To hear more tips on surpass financial obstacles, click on the video.

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