How I improved my design output by taking 100 day design challenge.

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Up-skilling and implementing should always be high on the priorities list for anyone who is looking to improve. that

Back when I was looking towards improving my designs, I came across a 100 day design challenge by Dailyui . It says “Be a better designer in 100 days”. I will say 100 days is still an overstatement. Even if it was 30 days, the daily UI challenge would still do wonders.

As you go through the challenges daily, your design muscles get worked. Through repetition, your design muscle keeps on building up and getting stronger.

It’s similar to doing pushups every day. Let’s say you start with 5 pushups in a day. These pushups might feel very hard in the beginning, but as the days go by and you keep up these daily pushups something happens. Your muscles get used to it and become stronger. By the end of a week, you can increase your pushup from 5 to 7/8 and you still would be fine. By the end of 30 days, even 20 pushups would be a piece of cake for you.

Going by the same analogy, on day 1 of the 100-day design challenge, you may feel strained or hard-pressed but when you keep up at it every day something changes. By the end of day 5, you will certainly notice that design comes easily to you. You are able to grasp the fundamentals of good design. The speed is different for different people but you are at a far better level at say day 30 when you were on day 1.

Although its called daily UI challenge, but while going through the challenge you start to wonder and think about where would be the best place to place certain elements and it goes into the UX space.

I started my 100-day design challenge back in 2016. Although, I was not able to do it till day 100 but I was able to take it up to day 58.

Following is the Daily Breakdown of my challenge

Day 1

Signup / Login

Day 2


Day 3

Landing Page (Above the Fold)

Day 4


Day 5

App Icon

Day 6

User Profile

Day 7


Day 8

404 page

Day 9

Music Player

Day 10

Social Share Button

Day 11

Flash Messages

Day 12

Single Item

Day 13

Direct Messaging

Day 14

Countdown Timer

Day 15

On Off Switch

Day 16

Popup Overlay

Day 17

Email Receipt

Day 18

Analytics Chart

Day 19


Day 20

Location Tracker

Day 21

Home Monitoring Dashboard

Day 22

Search Functionality

Day 23

Client Onboarding

Day 24

Boarding Pass

I actually had a look at many boarding passes and tried to put important elements in most readable place and segregated accordingly.

Day 25

TV App

Day 26


Day 27


Day 28

Contact Form

Day 29


Day 30

Pricing Table

Day 31


Day 32

Crowdfunding Campaign


Product Customization

Day 34

Car Dashboard

Day 35

Blog Post

Day 36

Offer Page

Day 37


Day 38


Day 39


Day 40


Day 41

Workout Tracker

Day 42

To Do List

Day 43

Food Drink Menu

Day 44


Day 45

Info Card

Inspired by DOTA, I highlighted red as sven is a strength hero. (Yeah Some UX :))

Day 46


Day 47

Activity Feed

Day 48

Coming Soon

Day 49


Day 50

Job Listing

Day 51

Press Page

Day 52


I knew I had zero logo skills back then 🙂

Day 53

Header Navigation

Day 54


Day 55


Day 56


Day 57

Video Player

Day 58

Shopping Cart

Of course, none of them is a masterpiece, but given the 58 days of continuous learning and implementation , following are the most impactful things that happened to me :

  • Got exposed to various scenarios while designing their UI
  • Got Better at illustration
  • Got better at layouting
  • Got better at creative placements in Landing Pages
  • Got better at using related and meaningful images
  • Got better choosing fonts and better line heights for text based designs
  • Got far better in Photoshop and Sketch
  • Got more confident at tackling new design requirements
  • Built a library of 58 design scenarios which I could refer to quickly
  • Got better at choosing colours
  • Got better at knowing what works and what doesn’t
  • and much more …

For those who are into UI/UX would urge each and every one of you to go ahead and take up this 100 day UI challenge .

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