How Design Thinking can help to organize team workflow in more effective way? Case study.

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Nowadays, Design Thinking is an eye-opener, the simple way to get better.
But, Design Thinking can be also used as a solution to find a more effective way of working.

Today I would like to share you a flashback on Design Thinking workshop case study from one of the Human Resources team responsible for assigning employees for a long time and short time assignments in all countries around the world which I conducted some time ago.

The team wanted to improve its current solution, a way of working and managing resources to simplify the assignment process, to set up assignments, templates and reports quicker. At this workshop my role was to lead and facilitate the workshop, prepare proper methods and arrange the space for the session.

Photo of the team by Kate Dam. The team contained 6 people + 4 people (end-users) for testing purposes and me as a Design Thinking workshop lead.

After saying ‘Hello 👋’ to each other we took 2 min session when everyone can introduce yourself.

Introduction & Persona
Personally, I think the facilitator role is the hardest because you should be very arrect to immidiately react to team and workshops flow during whole session. You also had to mind the time ⏰. In this case we had only 3 hours to find, prepare and test our solution. We start which persona creation (you can see some photo shots form activity below).

We had 6 Persona areas: goals, needs, behavior, tools, document kinds, and frustrations. For each area participants had 1 minute to fill in the sticky notes which we were later sticking to the flipchart.

The Golden Path
I selected the Golden Path method from the Google Design Kit, because thanks to this exercise, users could know a solution’s ideal path which could help them focus their work. They decided what kind of resources and where in the future system should be password secured, which ones should be archived ao moved on a different area of the process.

During the Golden Path, users did a brainstorming session as well. I facilitated it, but in general, I tried to listen more, because I wanted to let them the chance to find a solution by them.

The Golden path method done by the team, photo by Kate Dam

Prototyping and Testing
After Golden Path I split the group into two groups. Each group created a prototype which was later tested with 4 other users. During the testing session, they used I like, I Wish, What if” exercise from Nielsen Norman group which helped them in gathering feedback from other team members (end-users).

What have I learned from this case?
It was a great pleasure to facilitate Design Thinking workshop and to see that it really works and help the team. After the workshop, I received very positive feedback from the team that they had a good time and finally they have found a solution and proper path to order process and prepare resources according to the most effective way for them.

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