Google search tests new interface for movie, TV show streaming options

Google is testing a change in the search results for movie and TV show streaming options. Google first launched this feature in the knowledge panel back in 2017. The test adds more streaming providers and options.

New interface for streaming. Valentin Pletzer posted screen shots of the new interface Google is testing for TV shows and movie streams.

What it looked like before. Here is a screen shot of what it looked like back in 2017:

Supported providers. It looks like Google currently supports Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime and probably YouTube and other providers. Here is a screen shot from Valentin Pletzer with the provider options he was given in this test:

Steaming vs buying. Currently, I see the option to buy to watch movies and specific TV shows for $3.99 from YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu. I do not see the option to connect my streaming providers as Valentin shows in his screen shots.

More screen shots. Here are more screen shots:

Why it matters. As more and more people subscribe to streaming services, it becomes more important for Google to integrate with those providers so searchers find what they want with the fewest clicks. If someone wants to stream the most recent Game of Thrones episode and they turn to Google to find it, Google wants the searcher to click the fewest buttons to be able to stream that movie or show.

Streaming services should be on the look out for how to be included as a provider in this new search feature, as of right now it seems to be a beta release from Google.

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