Google AMP errors widely reported by webmasters and publishers

Many webmasters, developers and publishers are complaining about AMP issues in Google mobile search and within the Google Search Console. Some are seeing Google show their stories in the “Top Stories” section with and without the AMP icon within minutes of each other. Others are noticing significant spikes in AMP errors reported within Google Search Console. Either way, it seems to be a widespread issue and John Mueller, a Google webmaster trends analyst said he is investigating the reports.

What is the issue? Besides Google sending notifications via Google Search Console that the site has issues with AMP all of a sudden, some publishers are seeing Google show their AMP content in Top Stories in Google mobile and then minutes later, the AMP version disappears. It will eventually come back later. This is even when the URL Inspection Tool shows the AMP page is valid and working fine.

Screenshots: Here is the same content in Google mobile search both showing the AMP logo for the page and not showing the AMP logo for the page:

seo companyseo company

Here are screenshots showing the Search Console reports around this issue:

Google is investigating. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter “the team here is looking into this.”

Why it matters. Many developers and publishers who see these AMP issues will run to make changes to their sites. In this case, it probably makes sense to wait, not make any changes and see what Google says. We will continue to monitor the issue and update this story with Google’s recommendations. But for now, we would recommend you wait and not make changes based on these specific AMP errors.

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