Do you have the mindset of a good or bad designer?

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  • Good designers question the status quo, bad designers follow the rule of “ We’ve always done it this way”.
  • Good designers dig deep to find out real problems and needs, bad designers try to fix symptoms only.
  • Good designers take time to ask about what is missing, bad designers follow their assumptions.
  • Good designers are always uncertain about their understanding & designs, bad designers are always certain about their work.
  • Good designers have many solutions & ideas, bad designers have only one idea to invest their time & effort to convince others with.
  • Good designers try always to find issues & flaws in their work, bad designers always defend their work.
  • Good designers love working with others, bad designers love to work alone.
  • Good designers have something to learn from anyone they meet, bad designers don’t.
  • Good designers revisit their thoughts, bad designers try to confirm their thoughts.
  • Good designers love to be wrong, bad designers love to be always right.
  • Good designers seek feedback, bad designers seek praise.
  • Good designers lead, bad designers follow.

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