Design Sprint Sharing (Day2)

Today’s challenge: finalizing the design and building the prototype within 3 hours.

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The groups focused on the design, quick prototypes and user interview on day2. I was in charge of the user flow, design and prototype along with another designer, Johny, in our group.

We had to transform those rough concepts into a structured and reasonable user flow, add in details and eventually build a functional prototype for focus groups to test.

Before stepping into the design process we had to figure out the user flow according to a few new concepts added to the user journey map we went through on Day 1.

There were 3 main design requirements:

  • New page — “For You”
  • Now playing page
  • Artist’s page

Design — For You

New tab “For You”

In the “For You” tab, users see only the content they like. How do we define content users like or dislike? How do users give us their preferences? We had to break down actions users take in our app:

  • Browsing playlists
  • Saving songs
  • Playing songs
  • Adding song to playlists
  • Following artists

Based on these actions we calculate user preferences. These include not just preferred artists and songs, but also preferred rhythms. When users follow an artist, it implies that users want to follow everything about this person.

The concept of “For You” is to become a tool that users want to come back to again and again to find new recommendations. What concerts are coming next month? Who just released a new album? What’s the story of the newly released song? We hope it’s a place users can feel closer to music and the artists they love.

Design — Now Playing

Now Playing page

Like I mentioned in the other article, opening the app to picking a song to listen to takes less than a minute. While listening to a song, KKBOX stays in the background.

What do people do when they like a song? They will probably add the song to a playlist, save the song, read the lyrics, or look up the artist. What other engagement opportunities exist for our users?

Instead of being a listening tool, the Now Playing page can be a place for users to connect more with the songs they listen to. They can discover music videos, related articles, other hit songs from the artist, and more. This doesn’t have to change current user behavior, but it offers more engagement opportunities.

Design — Artist Page

Artist page

KKBOX seems like just another music company for most people in Asia. But in fact, KKBOX group includes not only music products but also KKTV for drama lovers, KKTIX for concerts/events, and KKselect for artists’ commodities.

In the future, the artist page could be more versatile, professional, and convenient for users to get to know an artist.

The new design elevates the importance of each decision users make within our product. For example, if users tell us their preferences we can analyze them. If users follow a certain artist, we can keep them updated. Clear actions can help us choose the content they engage with.

In our new design, we retain only the color system and icons. The overall user interface has changed to give a cleaner look, and the card style was designed to create consistency and make the content stand out. We thought it might also be a good chance to test whether the new look shines.

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