Design Sprint Sharing (Day1)

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Lighting Talk

PMs shared the data related to the users’ behaviors, profiles, preferences and user sessions. For example, we know how long users interact with our app each time and which feature they use the most. A better understanding of the users helps us design and think with users in mind and see how the current design couldn’t satisfy this goal.

Homework Sharing

Before the design sprint, each person needed to investigate the important features or user experiences that helps with our goal from other apps.

When I think of the media influence, I think about those apps that cause our phone addictions. The secret is to let you browse more by calculating what you might like without you realizing. It’s a devious, but a smart way to feed our users content. Privacy is another big topic to discuss which I will address later.

I shared a clever design from Facebook. The continued watching design in the “watch” tab that includes all kinds of videos. As gaining the awareness of privacy issues, most of the time I avoid using Facebook. But whenever I’m tagged by friends with some funny videos or important news, I couldn’t stop myself from watching more videos that Facebook recommends me and time always flies when I watched those videos.

Facebook’s video tab and the related video recommendations

Other members also shared ideas such as tags for topics, bookmarks for reading later, YouTube’s subscribe feature, rich artist page, updated time and so on.


Lighting (ideas collected and inspired from homework sharing)

There were some ideas collected and inspired by our homework sharing. We tried to figure out the mysteries behind other products which have been keeping the users active.

Why do we love YouTube’s recommendation and the subscribe feature? “Because we get the latest information about certain artists” and “the recommendation is highly precise”.

How Might We

All the processes are surrounded by the goal we set before — creating media influence.

In the HMW process, we proposed as many questions as we can. Along with the journey map, we were able to come up with various solutions.

How might we encourage users to browse more? How might we give better recommendations? How might we help users discover more related works? How might we get to know more information behind the works? How might we keep users in our product longer? How might we increase our influence? How might we build brand loyalty?

How might we

how do we do it?

User Journey Map

Based on “how might we?”, we tried to find the opportunity points by revisiting the users’ journey map.

Intention >> Operation >> End Point

First, users would stay in the first page “discover” to find a song/playlist or go to “my library” to listen to the saved songs or “search” to search for an artist or song.

Secondly, they play a song and then leave the app. (most of the time)

This is the common user flow in our app. If users want to know more about a song or artist, they’ll have to go to “search” even though sometimes it’s displayed on “discover” and “notifications”. Currently, the design just doesn’t make it easy to do this.

Ideation (Crazy 8 & Sketch)

Since we only have 2 days, we needed to narrow down the scope by choosing 1~2 hypotheses that are most likely to create the difference and the design we could get users’ direct feedback.

In our current design, there’s very poor connectivity between the artists and the users. Users follow the artists in KKBOX but the product is never the go-to place if the audience wants to get the latest information about an artist. They only sometimes get notifications when a special event is coming.

We hypothesized that if users only see what they care about, they will feel more likely to come back and engage more. Listening to a song shouldn’t be the end of the whole experience.

From what we’ve already known is users have more chances to like a song or an artist more after they watch the music video or read the stories behind the work.

Simply listening to the song is not enough to create a genuine connection to the art or artist nowadays.

By applying the user’s clear actions such as “follow an artist” we could feed the right content users are looking for and it might encourage users to stay longer and browse more. For the long term, it might also encourage users to come here for the updates.

In this process, each one of us scribbled down our ideas on the paper, after gluing these on the window we started voting for the most feasible ideas. The ideas with higher votes will be shown in our prototype for testing the next day.

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