Crunchyroll UI/UX Case Study

Usually, this process repeats a few times until the user remembers the days their shows update.
Profit meaning I don’t have to waste time scrolling through stuff.
It should be noted that there is a very large differences between Crunchyroll’s mobile and desktop experiences.
The episode I’m looking for is usually within the “Just Arrived” section.
Interesting ways competitors approach the problem.
The desktop view for 9anime’s “schedule” page, for convenience.
This can feel pretty bad sometimes though.
I actually had never seen this alert before.
My queue often looks like the left screen.
These also happen to be my three main goals while on Crunchyroll.
I took a lot of inspiration from Netflix.
Rebuilt Crunchyroll’s UI in Figma.
Tapping the card directs the user to the show description page.
Ideally, from the video player, there would be a way to redirect to the show description page.
The redesigned Home tab.

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