Common Grounding method for Design Thinking & Design Sprint

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For example, when we prepare Personas (see an example below) we got used to finding differences between each Persona’s group, but what I learned during last time, sometimes finding common areas, needs or requirements is more important. Why? Because you can narrow your research results, you can check what kind of need is more important to others, you can also determine common points in your project and prioritize them higher in implementation backlog.

Persona example created by Kate Dam for one of the Cryptocurrency applications.

Case Study 1

At the Understand phase during Persona or Empathy Mapping activity, we gather all end-user groups needs or pain points. We see which of them are repeated in other end-user groups.

Below you can see an example I did during my daily basis work with 4 Personas groups: Point of Contact, Buyer, Engineer and Business Leader. We took into account their needs. What we observed is that some of the needs were the same in Engineers & Buyers group (red sticky notes) and in Points of Contact & Buyers group (turquoise sticky note).

Common Grounding example for Personas needs statements done by Kate Dam using miro app

This study narrowed us with research results and provided us a conclusion to check why these two groups need the same thing and how they collaborated (or if they collaborate) with others.

Case Study 2

Common Grounding method could be used also for needs and requirements value in product areas. At the example below, we have 4 groups of interest in the project: Sales, marketing agency, Support and Management. For each of them, the project is very important and through Common Grounding, we can see some of the features (job stories) in a backlog are common for some of the groups (idea 10,
idea 11, idea 12).

Common Grounding example for product job stories (requirements) done by Kate Dam using miro app

In this case, the exercise could be used in Understand or Decide phase of Design Thinking Sprint because we can decide what kind of ideas/job stories are
more common, we can deeply think and investigate why they have the same need for something and see what kind of needs are only for one particular group of users.

The idea of this method is to help you find common points in the projects or products taking into account different users’ groups.

And last but not least, I would like to ask you, have you ever have the same or similar issue or case? I’ll be thankful for all your opinions and stories, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you want to talk about this idea or ask specific questions, let me know via Twitter or LinkedIn.

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