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An app that needs you to find restaurants near you to catch up with your friends, for an event or… just dining.

How it all started…

This is my very first case study about a mobile app.

I would like to share the way I approached this problem and a few design decisions I made throughout the process.

Since this is my own project, first I had to look for a case to solve. So I looked at my day to day activities and also small problems my office buddies facing on a daily basis.

When it comes to my office mates, “Uber eats” plays a big role in lunchtime to order foods. When I was looking for a case, my mind got stuck on a problem thinking how to find the best restaurant around you for dining or to delivery (because some restaurants have their own delivery system and they haven’t registered in “Uber eats”).

Research phase

As my first approach, I created a Google form with few questionnaires and shared with my office buddies and a few of my university friends. The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify their preferred method of finding a nearby restaurant.

The following are some of the results of my questionnaire.

As you can see many people have voted for “ask from a friend” or “search in Google to find a restaurant” and also people who use mobile apps, have chosen “Uber eats” which is not a perfect way to solve the problem of finding the best nearby restaurant.

Define and user flow

After analyzing the questionnaire results, everything was loud and clear for me, so I started to define the problem.

Finding the best nearby restaurant.

One place to analyze all the restaurants around you and in the city.

List all the restaurants and analysis according to your preferences.

After a narrow down scope and defining the primary goal of the application, I created a flow chart that explains the user journey of this app.


Before step into sketching, I created a mood board to generate ideas from similar applications and concepts as competitive analysis and then I started to sketch my ideas about how it needs to be done.

Then I started to brainstorm all my ideas by sketching.


When I step into wireframes I made some changes and improvements to the application.

Removed the top left profile icon and add it to the bottom navigation.

Add favorite icon into bottom navigation.

I realized that the importance of accessing the near me map feature so I added a map into the bottom navigation which enables users to easily find their nearest restaurants.

User Interface Design

User interface design was the next big step.

I started this by selecting colors. I tried to find the best color which represents food and restaurants.

When it comes to food, green and orange colors are a great combination. While I was googling, I found that green with brown and orange with yellow as fantastic combinations.

Design patterns

1. I decided to make designs for the iPhone. So I followed basic ios guidelines when designing the application.

2. Rather than going for the hamburger menu I decided to have floating bottom navigation because it has more visibility and quick access throughout the application.

3. Button sizes and input box sizes set to a minimum height of 44px because it is easy for accessibility.

4. Sign in and register screen has a skip button because it is not necessary to be login to use the application (login requires only to review a restaurant).

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