Case Study: A Solar Panel Dealer Website

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A small case study to help the vendor of solar panels and batteries to build an online estimation tool for their existing and future customers.

Design an online estimation tool for both first-time and existing customers to easily choose and purchase the right Solar panel based on their needs.


  1. The website should be simple and easy to navigate
  2. Create user-friendly interfaces
  3. Should work well on mobile as most of the traffic is expected to be on mobile
  4. Create original and satisfying contents

Smart user experience design starts by identifying the problem and guiding all ideas to solve that problem. My design process involves the following five stages.

1. Saji Napoleon

New User

2. Shammi

Existing User
  • Has to research about things to consider when buying a Solar Panel?
  • Which one to choose?
  • How is the installation process taken care of?
  • Brands that available in the market?
  • Maintenance? Cost?
  • Where to buy from?
  • What happens during the rainy season and when the sun is hidden for a long time?
  • What happens if the Solar Panel does not generate enough power? What happens if it generates excess power?
  • What is the process of selling excess power?
  • Saji wants to purchase good quality and sustainable solar system for his home.
  • Saji wants to know about the price of different solar panels and select a suitable one for his home
  • Saji needs an experienced electrician for installing a solar panel to his house
  • Shammi wants to upgrade the solar system that generates enough electricity for his home, both during and off the grid.
  • Shammi wants to convert his homestay normal inverter system into the solar inverter
  • Shammi wants to send excess current to the electricity grid. so that he can reduce his utility bill and improve his savings.

Creating an Information Architecture (I.A) will help to organise the content in a findable and easy discoverable way. It allows the user to complete the tasks and goals in a more effective way.

Due to time constraints, the research and consequents assumptions are based on my personal experience and a small amount of data.

Deep analysis and additional testing needs to be conducted in order to refine and validate the solution.

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