Weekend Break Favs August 24 888011000 110888 My weekend break post regular consists of publishing web links to a handful of devices or fantastic material I stumbled upon throughout the week.I do not enter into deepness regarding the finds, however motivate you to inspect them out if they appear fascinating. The image in the message is a preferred for the week from an online resource or one that I secured there when traveling. These are my weekend break favs, I would certainly like to find out about a few of your own– Tweet me @ducttape

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Faster Image Loading With Embedded Image Previews

Low Quality Image Preview (LQIP) and the SVG-based variant SQIP are the two predominant techniques for lazy image loading. What both have in common is that you first generate a low-quality preview image. This will be displayed blurred and later replaced by the original image. What if you could present a preview image to the website visitor without having to load additional data?
JPEG files, for which lazy loading is mostly used, have the possibility, according to the specification, to store the data contained in them in such a way that first the coarse and then the detailed image contents are displayed.

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