Bing begins removing sidebar text ads on desktop

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Following in Google’s footsteps, Bing is removing text ads from the sidebar in desktop search results. Starting today, March 26, Bing will begin to stop showing sidebar text ads in the US.

Like Google, Bing has concluded that removing text ads in the sidebar leads to an overall increase in ads clicks for mainline text ads and product ads and “an immaterial impressions impact.”

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Bing will begin removing text ads in the sidebar on desktop beginning March 26 in the US.

Bing will add text in an extra ad spot at the bottom of the search results, meaning as many as four text ads may display below the organic search results.

Shopping ads will continue to show in the sidebar in some search results.

The change affects Bing search results only and does not apply to its syndication partners, such as AOL and Yahoo.

Many features, such as sitelink extensions, are not available for sidebar text ads. Showing ads in the mainline only means all text ads will have access to the same features, and it brings desktop in line with mobile search results.

The change will begin rolling out in the US and begin testing in international markets “at a later time.”

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