Best Practices To Use Scrolling Effects (With Examples)

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Okay! There are so many ways to use scrolling effects. Does it mean the more effects the better? In what cases we should avoid adding scrolling effects?

01 Create A Distraction

Motion directs attention, thus we don’t want to create scrolling effects that will distract users from focusing on what they should be focusing on the screen. If a motion creates a distraction from the target content, it’s not the best place for scrolling effects.

02 Different Brand Identity

Motion adds characters to the design. To create a coherent experience browsing the web, we should try not to include effects that express a different feel and brand. For example, elements bouncing into the page might not add value to a serious business website.

03 Usability Issues

Like designing user interface, avoiding usability issues is crucial in designing motion and animation effects. You know you don’t want the motion to distract users from the key information, not to mention to cause usability issues.

04 Too Much

Less is more is still valid here. When everything on the screen moves around and changes shapes, it might be worse than having no motion at all. Try not to use too much motion and effects on the same screen and too many different kinds of effects on the same webpage.

05 Causing Discomfort

If adding a transition or motion makes people feel dizzy and uncomfortable, it’s better not to have it. Especially when using three-dimensional effects, it can look super cool but also can cause discomfort in some cases.

06 If There’s No Need

Last but not least, if there’s no need for a scrolling effect, don’t include one. It’s fun to try different effects and explore what you can do with different motions in your design. If there’s no purpose for including that spin or scale, just leave it out of the webpage.

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