Algebra of design: IV. Faktura

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The widespread concept of omnichannel — this is a well-developed faktura. When the client begins to act on one channel and ends in another. And its history, data, orders — everything is correctly transferred between channels.

The classic meme “Where you received the card — go there!” — is an example of an unprocessed faktura. The user wants to achieve a goal that is unattainable in these conditions. The disadvantage of the second type.

Generally speaking, we can talk about the following rules:

Poorly designed faktura leads to the disadvantages of the second type. Excessively worked out faktura — leads to the disadvantages of the first type.

The faktura in corporate training, for example, is a case when an employee completed the course, so he will receive a new grade, an increase in salary and his tasks and responsibilities will change. He can choose which course to take based on these parameters, and not just from the name and program of the course. And having passed one, he will receive a view on the new, opened courses. Ideally, as in computer games — the development paths are displayed on the picture right away (hello gamification).

The battery on the phone is a standard charge indicator. Why when you click on this indicator you can’t see what proportion of the charge each application consumes? And how much time is left under current conditions? And, for example, if I turn off wi-fi — how much longer will the operating time on the remaining charge? Some manufacturers are already starting to implement applications with similar functionality, and some of the signs of the phone’s work is becoming available.

Similarly, wi-fi indicator on the phone. When you click on it, you can show where to move, so that the signal is better. Or where to return, where there was a good signal. Disabled wifi — how the level of remaining time on the remaining charge has changed.

Faktura makes it possible to automatically determine where the house is and where the office is. For example, based on the time spent at one point or another (a sign of the event that the geo-coordinate does not change), you can lay the time on the road in the calendar if the meeting is not in the office.

The faktura is here, on the medium. The reader can leave comments (below) and can put them directly in the text. Signs here: the very presence of a comment, in what place it is given, its author. These comments affect everyone who reads further, even the author of the article — it is quite possible to adjust the text after a valuable comment. On this, by the way, you can try to monetize communities in social networks.

The faktura on the road, in a previously parsed example with navigation. Displaying the distance to the destination of arrival, the names of the goals themselves are — is tectonics. But, the fact that the names of points change, those that have passed and new points disappear from the signs, and the distance to them changes depending on the place you travel — this is the faktura.

Traffic light. Lights up in red and green. This is a status display. Modern traffic lights count down until the moment they switch. Here is the fact that there are these changing numbers is existing, as a separate placard on the traffic light — this is tectonics. Sign of goal. And the fact that they change, the meanings of the numbers themselves are different — this is the faktura.

In general, indicators are part of the faktura.

Suppose your car is serviced in one car service. The entire history of interaction is recorded in the service’s database. You can make a sticker on the car with a QR code, according to which you can clarify the entire repair history. The same sticker will be useful, for example, when selling a car — the buyer can easily verify that the car is “not beaten, not painted, the grandfather-dentist went to church on weekends”. If a car service provides a trade-in service, it can report offers to buy a car — show the future goal of “selling a car”, based on the history of service.

Academic scarves, ties of college graduates, badges on the jacket lapel — these are signs of the path that its owner walked or still goes. Studying at a specific educational institution changes the properties of a person — knowledge, education. Upon graduation, he receives a diploma, confirmation of knowledge. But along with this, behavior also changes — signs of education, purview, social circle, vocabulary. This faktura is manifested in several signs of clothing.

Military orders, medals, and badges of honor are the faktura. They are given because of merit and reflect the experience of a person. And the insignia of the military, epaulets is also a faktura, but it already shows not only the past that the soldier rose to the rank of general but also the right to command army at this rank in the future.

The faktura in the weather application, which we began to consider in the article about Tectonics: the position of the sun, precipitation, wind, how to dress — all this can be displayed in a mini-cartoon from the moment of viewing and to the depth of the forecast. And if you take into account the history of interactions, we get the very personalization: do you have children or are you a car driver, where do you go to work and have you opened the summer season and you need weather for the weekend at the datcha, and not at home.

A text editor offers to start editing from the point where you left off the document. Or the opportunity to continue watching a movie scene in an online movie theater from the moment until which you watched the last time — all of this is an application of the faktura principle. The properties of the editor (or online movie theater) take into account your history of interacting with it.

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