3 Tips on Creating a Personal Website

What to keep in mind when creating your personal website?

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Last month, I started working on my personal website to introduce myself to the entire world. It was an adventure I’m thankful for because I learned a lot of new things about design, user experience and copywriting. If I had known these things I know now, I would have saved so much time.

But still, if I hadn’t decided to create my personal website, I would have never learned these things I am going to share with you in this article.

After four different concepts and many hours of actually working on a personal website, I believe that I have finally finished the personal website and it meets my needs and requirements. Emphasize the word, finally.

I want to share my lessons with you to show what mistakes I made and how you can avoid these mistakes when you are creating your personal website. Isn’t that why people share their stories and lessons, right?

1. Simple websites tell visitors more than complex ones.

The main problem with some creative websites is that they design some new solutions to build a new and unique user experience without keeping website visitors in the first place. Complex websites confuse visitors.

For example, a complex business website may cost a business potential clients. We are not only talking about potential clients here, but also really valuable clients who would have helped the business grow in revenue and other ways. I believe it’s the last thing a business wants to happen.

As a designer, I decided to create a personal website which represents my creativity and uniqueness. This time, I was thinking out of the box. Sometimes we think far out of the box and can’t see the box itself anymore.

The same thing happened to me. I was thinking out of the box, but I couldn’t see the box itself anymore. I was breaking basic rules and ended up recreating my whole website for the fourth time.

2. It’s easier to deliver your message through a simple website.

Sometimes I suggest people spend more time on copywriting than actually designing the website. The visual aspect of the website is also important, but if you don’t have anything to tell your visitors, is it worth having a website?

Even now while I’m writing this article, I am continuously thinking if there’s an easier way to say something I want to share with you. I’m not really good at writing articles yet, but I’m doing my best to become better every day.

How simple websites help us to deliver our message? With some complex solutions and challenging navigation, visitors spend more time figuring out how the website works than actually reading what you are about.

I visited a business website which used all the fancy interactions and looked completely different from other websites. The sad truth is that I spent a lot of time on the website, but I couldn’t figure out how the website worked.

3. It’s your chance to show the world who you really are.

Tell the world who you really are and what you do. You may think that people don’t care, but the fun fact is that they actually do. If they have decided to visit your website, they want to know your story. Isn’t that right?

If I need someone trustworthy to work with, I would be more interested in visiting their personal website than reading their resume because the website tells me more about their personality, thinking and what they do.

The personal website shows how passionate you are.

What to talk about on your personal website? Talk about yourself, your experience, showcase things you are proud of, add testimonials if you have any and talk about things you love doing in your free time.

Your personal website is not just telling more about yourself to other people. It is also helping you to understand yourself better. At least it did for me.

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