3 Tips for Creating a Company Culture That Keeps Your Team (and Your Bottom Line) Happy

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Don’t let culture slip through the cracks.

August 27, 2018 2 min read

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Small-business owners wear a lot of hats and building a strong company culture can fall on the back burner in the early years. Entrepreneur Network partner Emily Richett shares three tips to growing a company culture that will make both your team and your bottom line happy.

Richett says it’s important to incentivize your employees to work hard but then to also allow them to play hard. “At our boutique firm, HAPPY (formerly Richett Media) we have a generous vacation policy,” says Richett. New employees start with over a month of paid time off. 

But, building a true culture goes beyond just the vacation policy. Communications service company Bandwidth takes it a step further, making vacation mandatory for its team of 350, and also requiring that employees digitally unplug from work emails and messages when they are on vacation.

Another way to ensure you’re building a strong culture is to include your employees on the culture planning process. Whether you’re planning monthly celebrations, a company retreat or other perks, be sure to survey your team or form a small committee to plan the events. The more your team is involved in the process, the more valued they will feel.

Like other areas of business, creating an admirable company culture is an on-going evolution.  Learn from mentors and read first hand about how others built successful companies. I highly recommend the new book Chief Culture Officer by former OST CEO, Dan Behm. He shares tactical and inspiring advice for leading with proactive humility, open communication, and a relentless pursuit of employee feedback. 

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seo company

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