24 UX stories (part 1)

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Being a designer is not just about the job title. It’s more about understanding the landscape, customers, it’s about getting to know people. It requires talking to other designers, rethinking processes, running projects and making practices.

It’s about getting ahead, being creative, and making the right decisions.

We tend to understand users and our customers through their stories. But today, I’ll show the other side of the moon, 12 / 24 short stories from UX Designer perspective about our obstacles, questions, situations. The stories are based on real situations and tell about the most important points which should be taken into account by the team, designers, managers, and companies during the product realization.

Stories are part of #UXcampaign action which helps to increase awareness about the importance of UX Designer role in companies, software houses, and agencies ‘ecosystem’.

We take care of the product, but we shouldn’t forget about customers. Their opinion and thoughts are more important than our intuition or imagination. We shouldn’t t fall into a trap by designing ‘extra fancy’ things.
It’s all about to remember the basics. Usability, accessibility, and visibility.
We can use Design Thinking or Design Sprints to invent the best solution, see possibilities and validate it early. When an idea seems misty, we don’t lose faith, we always try to find a way and the ideal path.
Sometimes people in our environment don’t think serious about UX, they are aware of it, but it seems to them it’s only an addition to a whole process. The only way to show them the power of UX is to involve them in a process, show the benefits of this way and do our job the best we can. Because the best present which we can give to the project/product is to involve Designers. Some of our colleagues can be in love with UX job. They think it’s easy, straightforward and pleasant. Yes, it’s pleasure, but it worth to know, that there are the days when obstacles are comming, no one can help you and the only person who can change or influence is you. You have a power to change, to change for the better!

You have the power to change, to change for the better.

Do you have some of your stories you want to share with us? I’m sure from each story we can learn something for the future. If we keep learning, we are more mature in what we do.

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