14 of the Best Morning Routine Hacks Proven to Boost Productivity

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The cost of insufficient sleep is high, and it can negativelyl affect concentration, memory, immune system, mood, efficiency and decision-making.

To get enough sleep, try to avoid drinking coffee five to seven hours before bedtime. Also, create a sleep-friendly environment in your bedroom that is free from screens (which could hamper the production of melatonin). It’s a good idea to engage in a sleep routine that cues your body that it’s time for bed, which could mean anything from a warm bath to reading a book, and aim for seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

Arianna Huffington became a well-known “sleep crusader” after she collapsed from exhaustion in 2007 and wrote a book called The Sleep Revolution about the importance of quality rest. Her nightly routine was detailed in Fast Company: “First, she turns off all her devices 30 minutes prior to bedtime and escorts them outside of her bedroom. Next, she takes a hot bath, which ‘washes away the day, slows down my brain, and winds down [the] body.’ She opts for dedicated pajamas instead of what she used to wear to bed — gym clothes — and only reads physical books that ‘have nothing to do with work’ when she’s under the covers. These tend to be poetry, philosophy and fictional books.” Huffington tops off her ritual with writing down three things she’s grateful for.

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