10 Steps to Help Get Your Career Back on Track

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Although your career might feel stalled in your present position, you might not have to look outside your current company when finding a new career. As a first step, Hetrick advises asking yourself two questions about your employer to determine whether you should stay or go:

Is your company on solid financial footing? Even if you’re not a whiz at reading financial statements, there are telltale signs that a company might be struggling financially. A drop in business, hiring freezes, not replacing workers who quit and major changes in the company’s vision are some clues that sticking around might mean your career possibilities are limited at best.

Do you believe in the company’s mission? If you’re not already familiar with your company’s mission statement, look for it on the company website or in the employee handbook, along with that of any parent company of which it is a subsidiary. If the overall mission doesn’t resonate, it might be time to find a company that’s a better fit.

seo company

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