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Alice Linahan, " Knowledge is POWER!!
What needs to be understood here is that our children's generation is under attack. The public schools are failing because they are being set up to fail.
Common Core is just a strategy to Federalize Education. But even in states like Texas that said NO to Common Core it is coming in through the Workforce Development model of education. The goal is to get ALL CHILDREN in Public, Private, Charter and HOMESCHOOL. No one is immune. We must know the facts in order to fight for our children's generation!! All CHILDREN.

There were three major actions under the Obama administration, without legislative approval, to change two hundred years of traditional public education in the United States.

(1) The Common Core copyright, which created a national curriculum and national testing mandating that individual students meet individual standards (similar to the Obamacare individual mandate).

(2) Unlocking data ‘to flow’ through the Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, FERPA, which allows personally identifiable information on our children to flow to outside 3rd party contractors for research and curriculum development to match Common Core.

(3) No Child Left Behind Flexibility Waiver, (ESEA, Elementary and Secondary Education Act), that is re-training teachers to teach to Common Core.

This also allowed ALL children in public school to be funded under Title I by changing the definition of who is poor or educationally deprived to anyone not meeting Common Core/College and Career Ready Standards. (Free and reduced lunch guidelines of 40% school wide were dropped to 0%.)

These three important points control standards and testing, curriculum, and teachers with all public school children being funded under Title I.

‘Obama and Progressive Republican’s Equity in Education Plan‘ for our entire country:

• charter schools replace public schools:
• everyone has federal Title I choice funds to go to any school (charter, private or religious schools)
• every child is taught the same standards:
• every teacher must teach the same standards:
• every test must be aligned to these standards:
• curriculum and software is aligned to standards:
• everything listed here is aligned to government data collection compliance."
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Here is a question that a parent submitted to me yesterday...it is important to note...this parent "feared" retaliation from their school district if they posted it themself, so they asked me to post and keep their name from being exposed. Here is the question:

Do you think it is proper to be so preoccupied with the writing portion of the PASS test that the principal is even sending writing prompts? They are not teaching the kids how to write, just throwing it at them and telling them to do it. Because of this and the weather, they have so few grades this nine weeks that one "slip-up" by a great student could result in a B or C. If these scores were not used for purposes they were not intended for, I would opt out. Also kids are required to do it the common core way even if they get it wrong because of the additional steps. Why can't they do it the way they do it best?
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